Visual Supernova is the online portfolio of a team of scientific and medical illustrators based in Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific illustration in a nutshell

What is scientific illustration?

Scientific illustration is a branch of design that conveys scientific concepts visually, making complex concepts easier to understand.

Why communicate visually, instead of with text?

Illustrations show what text can only tell. It’s a fact – we understand much better when shown information in a visual, demonstrative way, rather than from a written explanation. Illustrations can fascinate, engage and captivate an audience, creating an interest in the topic that outlives the illustration itself.

Which scientific fields can benefit?

All fields of science can benefit from scientific illustration: biology, medicine, ecology, chemistry, archaeology, and many more.

What are the types of illustrations?

Scientific illustration products is anything that can be taken in by the eyes: illustrations, animations, diagrams, infographics, posters, e-learning platforms, games, 3D drawings, apps, etc.

Anything that can be imagined, we can create.

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