Food Waste Workshop

This series of illustrations was realised during a multidisciplinary workshop organised by the Zurich University of Arts.
During the workshop, the participants were each asked to propose a solution to the food waste problem. Our proposal was the formulation and visualisation of a theoretical concept of a food waste recycling network in Zurich.

The infographic explains the fictive pipeline system for food waste.
The brown pipes collect the food waste from the households and the collection points scattered throughout Zurich and carries the food waste via a vacuum to the recycling factories. In the factories, the waste goes through multiple processes and will be transformed into biogas (green pipe), organic compost and fertiliser (light green) or is used for distant heating (red pipe).
The biogas and heating will come back to the citizen’s households and be used as a heating system and source of power.

Staging of the pipelines:
The project was matched with a series of illustrations visualising what the pipelines and collection points would look like.
We proposed that in already existing districts the pipeline should be visible and integrated into the city’s landscape and famous Zurich landmarks (such as the ETH building, for example). This is because construction sites are often not welcomed in the city centre and, at the same time, the visible pipelines will also raise the citizen’s awareness for the recycling of the food waste.

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