The Great Garbage Trip

The Great Garbage Trip is an animation realised for the 2012 exhibition Endstation Meer at the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich, Switzerland.

The video was realised with the Stop Motion technique, using exclusively paper and pastels, threads (and a lot of patience) without post-production and inspired by the unique style of Emanuele Luzzati. The animation aims to educate viewers about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and end the devastating cycle on the ocean’s ecosystem.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine debris particles in the central North Pacific Ocean discovered between 1985 and 1988.

Large quantities of plastic objects, that have not been properly disposed of,float through rivers and inland waters into the sea. From there, they are swept onto the coastlines or circle around in vortexes where, over the course of years, they are ground down into small pieces. The effects of pollution by plastic garbage and its impact on living organisms have been the subject of numerous scientific studies, all of which agree: there is urgent need to take action.

Sea animals, attracted by the bright colours of the debris, feed on the plastic and either die of poisoning, or become contaminated and end up poisoning the next animal in the food chain.

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