The Medieval Village of Tremona-Castello

This is a 3D graphics reconstruction of the medieval village Tremona-Castello (Mendrisio, Switzerland). The presentation video and figures show how the village might have appeared during its final phase of occupation, the 13th Century. Nowadays there are only traces of the settlement, which are concentrated on the summit of the hill known as Castello, to the North of Tremona.

Both models and renderings were produced using Cinema 4D. They are based on scientific and historical data, as well as the collaboration with the archeologists and ARAM (Associazione Richerche Archeologiche del Mendrisiotto) volunteers.

Thanks to the creation of a virtual, three-dimensional model, it is possible to examine the village from countless points of view, and easily adapt it to different historical periods. The 3D reconstruction can also be used in animated and interactive representations.

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